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Human-centered assessment and evaluation for higher education.

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Our Mission

We're re-evaluating evaluations.

ClassRanked is the only innovator in the course evaluation space. Listening is at the heart of our extensive research and development. With the help of our partner institutions, we're rethinking and reframing evaluation and assessment tools to best use the technology of tomorrow.

ClassRanked Platform Screenshot
ClassRanked Platform Screenshot
Our Solutions

Reevaluate. Reassess. Revamp.

ClassRanked pairs meaningful data with advanced insights to help identify areas of improvement at your institution.

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We empower forward-thinking institutions to modernize their feedback cycle to increase enrollment as well as student and faculty satisfaction.  

Building Trust
We believe that course evaluations can make a difference. ClassRanked helps students, faculty, and administrators collaborate to positively affect institutional outcomes.
Sourcing Holistic Data
Course evaluations don’t exist within a vacuum. ClassRanked bridges data from across your campus to provide a more clear picture of your institution’s academic health.

Evaluations built for Faculty Admins Students Everyone

ClassRanked builds platforms for people, not processes. Our technology is not simply the digital exoskeleton around annual evaluations but a human-centered way of interacting with data to improve real experiences.

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Modern, responsive, and accessible UI
Mobile-friendly user interface
Filter reports by course attributes
Extensive incentive options to encourage student participation.
Dynamic survey distribution capabilities
Powerful integrations to your LMS and SIS
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