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Do more than check boxes.

Leverage the power of a people-centered assessment and evaluation platform for higher education.

Rethink, reframe, and reassess.

People-centered course assessments do more than check boxes; they change lives.
ClassRanked Solutions

Take charge of your future.

Surveys and systems must connect to meaningful outcomes in learning, performance, and feedback to improve institutional health. We get it, so you can, too.
ClassRanked for Administrators

Get your students on board!

Shaping how students learn takes courage, commitment and leadership — we're with you all the way.
ClassRanked for Faculty

Do more than remain relevant: LEAD.

Do more than boost student engagement:

Help students feel heard.

Do more than get feedback:

Really use it to everyone's advantage.

Do more than create effective marketing messages:

Improve course quality to boost student enrollment—and retention!

Do more than offer a better student experience:

Help students tap into their full potential.

Assessments for administrators.

Meaningful findings. Meaningful progress.

Class evaluations can and should do more than meet compliance requirements. We know higher ed is facing increasingly complex challenges; that's why we're changing the game to give you peace of mind and progress.

Say no to the status quo. Grow more.

Human-centered interactions.

People are not “outcomes” and “results.” Data should be tied to human experiences like how a course is taught, how a professor feels about feedback, what a school can do to keep students happy, engaged—and enrolled.

Rethink feedback. Learn more.

Yes to compliance.
No to complacency.

Real experiences. Real life. Real people.

We listen and learn so students, faculty, and staff feel—and really are—heard and understood. Increasing student engagement improves not only course outcomes but life experiences.

Reframe the future. Tell me more.

Assessments for faculty.

Platforms for people, not processes.

Everyone in higher education wants to learn and grow—not just students. So, what if course evals were about more than checking boxes? What if the features you want were the features you had? Remember that pile of evals collecting dust in your office? Recycle it. Better ways aren’t just easier, they’re more meaningful.

Reassess assessments. Know more.

Don't feel “assessed,” feel empowered.

Conversations about tenure and promotions can be fraught; ClassRanked makes them friendly and transparent so you know you're being accurately represented.

Listen. Learn. Get more.

You are a force for change.

Easy to use. Hard to beat.

ClassRanked doesn't just digitize a paper process. We empower forward-thinking faculty and institutions to modernize their feedback cycle and leverage it to increase enrollment, retention, and student/faculty/staff satisfaction.

Make my life easier. Be more.

Your college or university is not a pizza.

Your school is not a driver, restaurant, or new outfit. Higher ed deserves more than a 3-star Yelp review. It's the place where students spend four years learning to become the people they want to be—and where faculty spend their careers empowering them to change the world.

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Modern, responsive experiences and a straightforward user experience.

Seamless reporting for faculty and every level of administrative staff.

Higher completion rates and better buy-in from students.

Actionable interface that supports existing workflows for getting it done.

ClassRanked empowers forward-thinking institutions to modernize their feedback cycle and leverage it to increase enrollment, retention, and student, faculty and staff satisfaction."

Listen up.
Uncover more.

We prioritize conversations with people closest to the process, so you can do more than just “paperwork.”