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History—and the future. ClassRanked was started in 2018 by Hayden Hall, Max Labaton, and Dilan Trivedi. At the time they were college students. Their goal? Make college better. Today, ClassRanked is leading the way in redefining course evaluations and assessments—empowering colleges and universities to not only maintain their status as foundations for the future, but to shine more than ever as beacons of hope and learning, bastions of innovation, and launchpads for students to go boldly forward.

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People are not data sets.

Anyone that has been a student or teacher in the last 40 years has in some way dealt with an evaluation platform. However, students do not have confidence that their voices are being heard and professors rightfully question evaluation and assessment bias and usefulness. It’s time to re-assess assessment and re-evaluate evaluations.

ClassRanked is on a mission. We are committed to providing your college or university with a straightforward, clean, end-to-end course evaluation platform that provides improved reporting to help you meet your goals for recruitment, retention, and improved student and faculty experiences. ClassRanked can help differentiate your college or university so it will stand out in an increasingly competitive and crowded landscape.

We’re rethinking, reframing, and re-evaluating how you can get and USE meaningful data for meaningful progress in the real world so your school—students, faculty and staff—can be the very best they can be.

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