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Who doesn’t love class evaluations?
You don’t.

Course evaluations deserve more than a “1- to 5-star” rating — and so do you.
Get better feedback!

Meaningful feedback leads to meaningful progress.

Why add one more thing to your long list of ‘to dos’ just to check a box?

ClassRanked offers a human-friendly platform that facilitates meaningful student evaluations to provide a fair and balanced narrative—not just “one-to-five-stars”—to shape change, respond to needs, and improve student and faculty experiences. Class evaluations can and should do more than meet a compliance requirement. They shouldn’t be a veritable stack of papers that eventually get tossed or sit for years in a filing cabinet. At ClassRanked, we’re re-evaluating and reassessing course evaluations and making them people-centered, not process-driven. Higher education is facing increasingly complex pressures and challenges. ClassRanked brings clarity to complexity to give you peace of mind.

Faculty get more meaning.

Where do “less hassle” and “better days” rank on your wishlist?

If they’re near the top, we’ve got you covered.

Analyze Data Trends

Easily see trends in data over time — and view and digest areas of focus for increasing student learning. Use longitudinal data to make informed decisions on course trajectory and continuity to improve student satisfaction.

Connect with Students

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what drives students, but course evaluations are one way that students can truly voice needs, concerns, and suggestions. Use meaningful feedback to connect with students and let them know their voices are heard and their suggestions are being implemented.

Create Efficiencies

“Where is that student comment?” “What course? “What was I going to address this semester?” ClassRanked allows you to easily save comments so you can review them next time you teach the course—next semester or years from now. The system points out historical trends to improve teaching, learning and overall experiences.

The ultimate collab.

The ultimate impact.

When student voices are heard and evals are unbiased and elevated to an undeniable level of importance, things get better: classes, days, years, educational institutions, and futures. Our easy-to-implement solution runs smoothly to provide reporting that makes sense —and has impact today and in the long term.

Education deserves more than a restaurant Yelp review. This is your life, your livelihood, your school, your future. That’s why we don’t believe in just “checking boxes”. Like you, we believe in improving real experiences and changing lives. People are not data. We’re rethinking, reimagining, and reframing student assessments so everybody wins: students, faculty, staff, and the institutions of higher education entrusted with our collective futures.

  • Increase student engagement so students feel—and really are—heard and understood.
  • Make it easy for faculty to get—and use—the information needed to improve their classes and the student experience.
  • Our platform provides teaching faculty the tools to organize, interpret, and synthesize the data for continuous improvement.

Don’t just digitize what’s on paper.

People over process.

Course evaluations need re-evaluating. Assessments needed reassessing. And faculty need easier-to-use tools and more meaningful outcomes. By putting people over process, ClassRanked has created a human-centered way to not only get the job done but embrace it to enhance learning on both sides of the proverbial podium.

Everyone in higher education wants to improve and grow—not just students. So, what if course evals were about more than checking boxes? What if the features you want were the features you had? What if your students believed their feedback was turned into action and their school was a leader in listening? What if you felt empowered and not just assessed? ClassRanked represents people over process. Conversations about tenure and promotions can be fraught; we’ll help make them friendly and transparent, so faculty know they are accurately represented.

  • Boost student buy-in and increase student engagement to ensure completion, retention, and quality of reviews.
  • Turn meaningful findings into meaningful progress in terms of growth, innovation, and student experience satisfaction.
  • Leverage the intersectionality of university data to measure and change real life student outcomes.

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