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Do more than implement. Improve.

Go from a feedback mindset to a feedback mind open.
Go feedback forward

Peace of mind creates space for more drive.

Listen. Learn. Change. Grow.

Today’s educational institutions face new and evolving challenges every day. Your staff and student body spend hours each semester engaging in a rote process that basically just checks boxes—and wondering if it makes a difference. People know when they are being heard versus when they are checking boxes to satisfy someone else’s agenda. ClassRanked provides administrators peace of mind; it empowers instructors with confidence and security; and it allows students to trust in the process that will make them an integral part of their school’s legacy of excellence.

Administrators learn more

Modernize your feedback cycle

and leverage it to increase enrollment, and student and faculty satisfaction.

Supercharge course evaluation

workflows to better measure student outcomes.

Boost student buy-in

and increase student engagement to increase completion, retention, and quality of reviews.

Give teaching faculty the tools

to organize, interpret, and synthesize the data for continuous improvement.

Identify ways to maximize

workflow and get tenure, promotions, and accreditation done right.

Good enough, isn’t. Feedback means a path forward.

Tuition is going up. Enrollment is going down.

Students—and parents—are no longer accepting the status quo, and non-traditional student populations are on the rise. Transforming evals and assessments is vital to the health of your institution. With ClassRanked, course evaluations aren’t general surveys, but questions that relate to learning outcomes, class assignments, and course material. This information is used to affect real change in the real world. Better information about student experiences unlocks which results are most useful. The process will require tighter integrations with student information systems and an understanding of student effort and performance in specific classes.

Bad assessment processes are a big burden.

We’re all only human.

More interactive survey components such as pulse surveys, AI chat systems, and follow up conversations on evaluations will open the door to continual improvement and deeper survey engagement. Students will feel and will be heard and understood, faculty will feel valued and admins will get an A+ for their foresight, insight, and outcomes. Burdens will be lifted as meaning is connected to process and feedback feeds into the equation of a better college experience.

  • Mend any distrust between teaching faculty, administrators, and students.
  • Rethink how current evaluations are weighted so faculty feel fairly evaluated in regard to student surveys.

Boost retention.

ClassRanked survey results act as an early alert system for students not satisfied with their college experience. With contextualized data containing course specific feedback, data is better utilized in determining how classes might be improved.

Increase enrollment.

Institutions with flourishing courses and programs are more attractive to potential students.

Empower faculty.

Deeper evaluations will connect to the tenure workflow, removing manual issues. Internal peer evaluations and personal reflections for professors will empower them to feel well represented and secure in the knowledge that comments are not being taken out of context.

The entire tenure workflow will be housed in one platform, connected to other systems that remove the need for time-costly data gathering efforts. These changes, documented automatically in an accreditation platform, will make the process of showing improvement to accrediting bodies much easier.

Faculty get more

Be more.
See more.

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