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Re-evaluating evaluations.

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When schools made the shift to digital evaluations years ago, all they did was take the existing process of writing surveys on paper—and move it online. ClassRanked maximizes the potential of what interconnected assessment should be.

The platform you need. The data you want.

ClassRanked provides the platform you need to collect the data you want, so faculty can improve classes—and you can advertise your continuous learning, growth, and adaptation.

Great leaders build great legacies.

Our course evaluation team helps you identify the wants and needs of your faculty and students to provide tailored solutions that deliver meaningful insights. Spend more time making decisions that matter and less time checking boxes.

Making contact means making an impact.

Connecting new processes to meaningful results gives faculty the confidence to get in and drive on. Current software offerings—which haven’t changed in decades—produce imperfect results. Profs aren’t here for imperfect outcomes that impact their life’s work and livelihoods.

From necessary evil to necessary good.

Useful assessment and evaluation, not judgment and conjecture.

Relevant reporting, ease of use, and time savings mean evals and assessment tools will be more readily adopted by faculty, who will see increased completion rates and easy data transfer from legacy platforms.

Compare Course Modalities

Want to compare your online to onsite courses? Your lab to traditional courses? Your evening to day courses? No problem. You can easily compare all course modalities offered from one campus to another, ensuring continuity and quality regardless of when, where, and how they are taught.

Filter Data by Attribute

Effortlessly compare different characteristics and demographics of students and courses, within the system. ClassRanked integrates with your campus LMS and SIS, empowering you to gain insights into various student and course attributes. Now you can ensure student satisfaction and increase retention by intervening and making course enhancements when necessary.

View Historic Trends

How did students respond last year? Five years ago? In the past you would need to dial up the IR team and wait for a response to get answers. With ClassRanked, a click of a button reveals easy-to-view historic trends in overall and question-specific data. Ensure continuity of course quality and student satisfaction with ClassRanked.

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