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Do more than list values. Live them.

Value what matters most.

ClassRanked doesn’t just digitize what could be done on paper. We empower forward-thinking institutions to modernize their feedback cycle and leverage it to increase enrollment and retention, as well as student and faculty satisfaction.

It’s time to rethink, reframe, and re-evaluate course assessment and recalibrate student experiences to change lives.


Is listening too much a thing? We don’t think so. You can’t create a platform you want on the front lines unless you talk to the people on the front lines. A lot.


When an industry doesn’t change in 10 years, that’s a problem. For the companies, the customers, and the industry. We didn’t set out to create a software company. We set out to solve a problem we experienced ourselves that not only affects hundreds of thousands of people every day but affects an industry struggling to find and keep its footing in a complex landscape. Being a change agent takes creativity, ingenuity, and skill. It means looking at what others see and thinking something different.

Energy and Drive.

When you’re driven to solve for x, you don’t stop until you do. Energy isn’t some abstract thing you either have or you don’t. It’s fueled by intellectual curiosity and a drive to act.

Listen. Learn. Grow.


We own our perspective as not only platform developers, but platform users. We embrace our human-focused approach to technology in an age where tech for tech’s sake is often the norm. If you have a tool that can make life experiences better, why not use it for everything it’s worth? ClassRanked clients do just that.


Respectful and collegial collaboration is at the heart of ClassRanked. Cross-disciplinary, cross-synaptic, cross-cultural, cross-industry collaboration creates new ways of getting from point A to point B.

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