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Do more than comply.

A straightforward system frees your mind so you can do your best work.

Course evals aren’t fun.

They can take up your time and your mind.

Your college or university deserves more consideration than your dinner delivery driver. It’s not a vacation or a video game or an online purchase. It’s the place students spend four (or more) years learning to be the people they want to become. And because life isn’t lived on a scaled rating system, there’s plenty more to say than “on time” or “courteous service.”

When you love your school, you want to see it thrive. You want it to have a great reputation now and in the future; after all your reputation is tied to your school’s for the rest of your life. You both want it to get better and better. ClassRanked hears you and we get it. That’s why we decided to re-evaluate the evaluation business… to make it people focused, not process driven.

If colleges and universities don’t deliver on what are essentially customer demands, industry pressures are going to create a tenuous future. ClassRanked is a change agent that puts you in control of your future. Surveys and systems must connect to meaningful outcomes in student learning, performance, and feedback for you and your stakeholders to see the value. We get it. Shaping how classes are taught and how students learn takes commitment, courage, and leadership.

Let’s re-evaluate.

ClassRanked Features

Modern, responsive, UI and straightforward usability.

Seamless reporting experience for faculty and every level of administrative staff.

Boosted completion rates with buy-in from students who know their input is viewed and used.

Mobile friendly survey distribution meets students where they are.

Actionable interface that supports instructors’ existing workflows for getting work done.

Stories of how survey comments and results influence courses and programs get buy in.

Leverage the student mobile experience.

Students are overloaded and always on the move. School, work, sports, and friends take priority making filling out an eval low on the list. ClassRanked makes the process easy and seamless. Our innovative, easy-to-use mobile experience allows students to complete surveys when it works for them—that means you can expect the feedback that works for you.

Faculty save comments for later.

“Where was that student comment?” “What course?” “What was I going to adjust this semester?” Now, you can easily save comments to review next time you teach the course, allowing for the seamless inclusion of student suggestions and ideas.

View historic trends.

How did students respond last year? Five years ago? Usually to access answers, you would have to contact the IR team and wait for a response. No more! Now you can click and view historic trends in overall and question-specific data, ensuring continuity of quality and student satisfaction.

Get the feedback you deserve.

This is your life, your livelihood, your school, your future. That’s why we don’t believe in just “checking boxes.” Like you, we believe in improving real experiences and changing lives. People are not data. We’re rethinking, reimagining, and reframing student assessments so everybody wins: students, faculty, staff, and the institutions of higher education entrusted with our collective futures.

More fun.
Let’s talk human.

Let’s make a difference in the lives of the students who are making a difference in our world.